Configuration Handling

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 offers more control over configurations.

  • For many card controls, you can assign a default value to automatically fill in the control variable when a user saves a new file or item or adds it to the vault. Previously, you could either apply default values to all configurations or use Exclude configurations to specify a list of configurations to exclude. You also have the ability to apply default values only for @ configuration.
  • You can configure the display of configurations in data cards. In SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, click Display, select Datacard Configuration Display, and select one of the following:
    • Show all configurations
    • Show @ configuration only
    • Hide @ configuration
    For SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 or earlier client versions, if you selected Hide @ configuration, it remains selected after you upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022.
    You can add Datacard Configuration Display to shortcut menus and SOLIDWORKS PDM menus located above the right pane. In the Administration tool, right-click a user or group and click Settings. Use the Menus page to add the Datacard Configuration Display command to the menus.