Integration with Microsoft Windows Active Directory

With improved integration with Microsoft® Windows Active Directory, you have more options to manage users and groups that use Windows login.

The User Properties dialog box has additional fields. You can override the default property mappings or map properties such as User data that are not mapped to any Active Directory attribute. In the Administration tool, right-click Users and Groups Management and click Active Directory Property Mapping.
  • You must have Can administrate users administrative permission.
  • You can map a user property to only one Active Directory attribute.
You can also:
  • Import the user's profile picture from the Active Directory.
  • View the profile picture in the SOLIDWORKS PDM menu bar if you have set it in the Active Directory. Hover over Logged in as to view the image in larger size.
  • Edit the presence note directly from the user pop-up window.
  • Identify Windows users and groups through an indicator in the icons .
  • Validate Windows groups. In the Administration tool, under Users and Groups Management, right-click Groups and click Validate Groups from Active Directory. If the group does not exist in the Active Directory, the icon displays with a red plus indicator . Right-click the group name and click Information to view details.
  • Validate SOLIDWORKS PDM and Windows user logins. Right-click the user name and click Validate Logins. If SOLIDWORKS PDM user information is invalid, the user icon displays with a red lock indicator . Right-click the user name and click Information to view details.