Web2 Data Cards

SOLIDWORKS PDM offers more ways to configure the layout of the data card for Web2 and improve the readability of your data.

Available in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only.

In the Administration tool, in the Card Editor window, click Configure card for web on the Card Properties pane.

You can control the visibility of data card control for Web2. In the Card Editor window, in the right pane, under Flags, select Show in web card. This lists the data card control in the web configuration editor and displays it in the data card for Web2.
  • Available only for file cards.
  • Available only for the following data card controls:
    • Checkbox
    • Combobox Dropdown
    • Combobox Droplist
    • Combobox Simple
    • Edit
    • List
    • Date Field
    • Radio Button
In the web configuration editor of data cards, you can:
  • Click Settings and specify the layout of the data card controls as Flat or Tree.
  • Edit labels and change the order of controls.
    You cannot add or remove controls from tabs. To do so, use the main card editor.
  • Add controls in a frame in the Tree layout and define their order of appearance.

The user interface of Web2 data card has the following improvements:

  • Navigation control for Tree layout
  • Date picker to specify DATE type controls
  • Multiline box to enter descriptions
  • Radio button and check box controls