Data Card Controls (2023 SP2)

You can apply control logic in data cards more easily.

In addition to the Control menu, you can also access the Control Logic command when you:
  • Click in the Controls toolbar.
  • Click Control Logic in the properties pane.
    Not available for card search control and variable search control.

When adding control logic, you have more flexibility in selecting the behavior of a control. In the Control Logic dialog box, the Hide - Clear value and Hide - Retain value options let you specify whether the hide action in the control logic clears or retains the value. Previously, only the Grey out and Hide options were available.

In the Controls toolbar, if you select Show Controls with Control Logic, an indicator appears in the top-left corner of the controls that have control logic applied.

You can also configure the Find User command type for a button control to return more user properties. Previously, only Login name was available as the user value to populate the Destination variable for the Find User list.