Notification Templates

SOLIDWORKS PDM lets administrators customize the templates for automatic notifications for a vault. This helps to display information that is more relevant to the user.

  • You must have Can update mail configuration administrative permission.
  • You can customize notifications only for files and not for items and Bills of Material (BOMs).
You can customize notification templates for the following file operations:
  • Added
  • Changed State
  • Checked In
  • Checked Out
  • Delayed in State

You can edit the subject and body of the template in HTML format and also use variables in the notification message.

You can also export notification templates. To export:
  • All notification templates. Right-click the Notification Templates node and select Export.
  • File notification templates. Expand Notification Templates, right-click File Notifications, and select Export.
  • The notification template for a file operation. Expand Notification Templates > File Notifications, right-click a file operation, and select Export.