Grid View in Web2 (2023 SP2)

In the Web2 client, you can see a grid view of thumbnail previews in file lists and search results.

The grid view layout is available in the following pages of large screen and small screen layouts:
  • File or folder list
  • Search results
To switch the layout from the list view to the grid view:
  • In the large screen layout, click and select Grid View. In this view, you can click and select a direction and parameter to sort the list.
  • In the small screen layout, touch the ellipsis, expand List View, and then select Grid View. To sort the list, expand Sort By and select a direction and parameter.

The Select All and Deselect All options are available in the grid view layout.

To view more information for a file, you can access the File View tabs through the quick links menu. To access this menu in:
List view Hover over a row and click or right-click the file.
Grid view Click or right-click the file.
The quick links menu is available only in:
  • File or folder lists
  • File details view
  • Search results