Log File - Get Operations Dialog Box

The Get Operations dialog box lets you view informational and error events for the files retrieved for a vault on all archive servers.

To display the log file:

In the Administration tool, right-click a vault, and select Show the Get Log.

Type Event type: error, informational, or warning.
Date Date and time of the event.
Description Method used to invoke the Get operation:
  • Desktop client
  • Web API
  • Web2 server
Destination Machine Name of the destination machine that receives data from the archive server.
Client IP Address IP address of the client machine
For file retrieval operations through Web2 or Web API servers, the IP address of the server machine is logged.
User Login name of the user who performed the Get operation.
Document ID ID of the document
Document Name Name of the document
Version Version of the document
Document Path Path of the document in the vault
Archive Server Name of the archive server on which the event occurred.