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SOLIDWORKS Electrical API 2023.0.0
Electrical API
Release Notes


This topic provides you with quick access to the enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Electrical API 2023.

New and changed functionality


  • This interface is to manage adocument inside the application.
  • See IEwDocumentX.

Document manager.

Project file configuration.

Project files configuration.

Menu .

  • This interface is a generic interface for manage menu.
  • See IEwMenuX.

Menu Item.

  • This interface is a generic interface for manage menu Item.
  • See IEwMenuItemX.

Menu Manager.

  • This interface is a generic interface for manage menus.
  • See IEwMenuManagerX.

Multilingual Text.

Multilingual Text Font.

Routing path segment.

  • Object for creating a curve path segment to be added to routing graph.
  • See IEwRoutingPathSegmentX.

Selector dialogs.

Translatable Text.

  • This interface is a generic interface for translated text objects.
  • See IEwTranslatableTextX.

New interfaces


IEwCableReferenceX Interface.

IEwCaptionBarX Interface.

IEwCaptionBarControlX Interface.

IEwDockingPaneManagerX Interface.

IEwEnvironmentX Interface.

IEwManagerDialogX Interface.

IEwManufacturerPartX Interface.

IEwProjectX Interface.

IEwProjectComponentX Interface.

IEwProjectComponentTerminalX Interface.

IEwProjectExportPDFX Interface.

IEwProjectFileX Interface.

IEwProjectManagerX Interface.

IEwProjectManufacturerPartX Interface.

IEwRibbonControlX Interface.

IEwRibbonGroupX Interface.

IEwProjectWireX Interface.

IEwRibbonQuickAccessControlX Interface.

IEwSymbolX Interface.

IEwTerminalTypeManagerX Interface.

IEwTitleBlockX Interface.

IEwWireTerminationTypeManagerX Interface.

New methods, properties, and delegates

New Enumeration

  • New EwRibbonGroupReductionLevels enumeration for Reduce Level in ribbon group.
  • New EwMultilingualTextFont enumeration to get the index of the text font used by one of the three languages defined in the project configuration.
  • New EwManufacturerDataIndex enumeration for the manufacturer data indexes.
  • New EwDialogSelectorType enumeration for all the Selector Dialogs.
  • New EwProjectType enumeration of type of project.
  • New EwPaneType enumeration of type of pane.
  • New EwAlignmentType enumeration of type of Alignment.
  • New EwSelectorDialogNotify enumeration of the Selector dialogs reactors IDs.

Enumeration EwErrorCode Value

  • New Error Value : EwErrorCode::EW_BAD_CONTEXT : If the context of the object is invalid.
  • New Error Value : EwErrorCode::EW_NO_ACTIVEDOCUMENT : If no Active Document.
  • See EwErrorCode.

Enumeration EwProjectConfigValue Value

  • New Project configuration Value : EwProjectConfigValue::kAutoRotateSymbolsAttributes : Auto rotate symbols attributes.
  • See EwProjectConfigValue.

Obsoleted interfaces, methods, properties, and delegates

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