Measure Pane


Measurements are converted to the selected units.

Length Specifies length units.
Display In Fractions Displays measurements as fractions if you specify Inches or Feet and Inches for Length. You can specify:
  • Denominator. Specifies the maximum digits for the fraction denominator.
  • Round to Nearest Fraction. Rounds to the next highest fraction if the measurement does not have a fractional value for the denominator.
Angle Specifies angular units.

Arc/Circle Measurements

Measures distances between planar-cylindrical and cylindrical-cylindrical faces. Different options specify the distance to measure when you select arcs or circles.

You can select:
  • A planar face and a cylindrical face. The normal distance is displayed. Normal distance is the distance of a line perpendicular to the parallel entities.
  • Two cylindrical faces. In the Measure pane, under Arc/Circle Measurements, specify Distance as Center to Center, Minimum Distance, or Maximum Distance.


Results are displayed with:

  • Type (Distance, Delta X, Arc Length, etc.)
  • Value
  • Units

Selection Filters

Select one or more filters. If no filters are selected, you can select any measurable entity in the graphics area.
Select Face
Select Edge
Select Vertex
Select Hole