Assigning Default Values

For many card controls, you can assign a default value to automatically fill in the control variable when a user saves a new file or item or adds it to the vault.

When a user adds a file, item, or folder from a location outside the vault, default values are written to the data card variables. If a variable is mapped to a property such as the Author property, the default value is also written to that property.

If the added or copied file or item has an existing value (for example, if the Date property is already filled), that value is used instead and no default value is written to the variable.

When a file is saved to the vault view from an application, and the application keeps the file open, default values are written only to the data card variable (that is, the database); these values might not appear in the mapped file properties until the user re-opens the file or checks it in.

When a user copies (or moves) a file or item and the data card has default values, the existing values are copied to the target location. No new default values are written to the variables and mapped properties (see exception below).

Regenerated Values

  • If a data card control variable is defined to have a unique value, copying or moving the file or item clears the value of the variable. Users are warned and the default value is regenerated.
  • If the active default value on a variable of a copied file or item is a serial number, the user is warned that the copy process can regenerate the next available serial number in the variable of the copied file.
  • If you enable the Default overwrites option for a default value, the default value of any copied or added files is regenerated in the variable and mapped property.