Version Free Variables

You can update variables for a file without having to check the file out and increment the version of the file when you check it back in.

This lets you update variables that change over time, such as cost, while the file itself may not change.

Additionally, you can change the variable even if the file is in a state where you do not have permission to check it out.

A new version of a file is created if you update version free variables for a checked out file.

Adding Version Free Capability to a Variable

If you have permission to update variables, you can make a variable a version free variable.

  1. Expand Variables.
  2. Double-click the variable you want to make version free.
  3. In the Edit Variable dialog box, click Version free.
  4. Under Update versions, do one of the following:
    • Select All Versions to make the variable update affect all versions and revisions of the file.
    • Select Latest Version to make the update affect only the latest version of the file.
  5. Click OK.

Granting Users Permission to Update Version Free Variables

If you have permission to administrate users, you can give users permission to update version free variables.

  1. Expand Users and double-click the user.
  2. In the user's Properties dialog box, click Folder Permissions.
  3. On the Permissions per Folder tab, select a folder.
    To assign the permission for the entire vault, select the vault.
  4. Under Folder Permissions, click Edit version free variable data.
  5. Click State Permissions.
  6. Select a Workflow and Workflow state.
  7. Under Permissions, click Edit version free variable data.
  8. Click OK.