Removing Unused Variables and Cards

When you create a new vault, you can avoid creating unused variables and cards.

Remove unused variables and cards in new vaults:

  1. To delete all default file, folder, and search cards that were imported when the vault was created:
    1. Click File > Open .
    2. In the Open Card dialog box, select a card type.
    3. Select all cards in the list, right-click and select Delete.
  2. To remove all variables:
    1. right-click Variables and select Edit.
    2. Click Remove Variable.
  3. Create or import only the file data cards and variable to be used in the vault:
    1. Click File > Import
    2. Navigate to the location of the default data cards, usually:
      <install dir>\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS PDM\Default Cards.
    3. Select a data card to import and click Open.