Considerations when Setting Up Data Card Variables

  • Use the same variable name in multiple data cards to ease searching and listing variable values.

    For example, to show a project number on both the folder, .docx and .pdf card, use the same Project variable on all three cards instead of creating three separate variables.

  • Set up unique and mandatory variables before adding files to the vault, as the files might already contain not allowed (duplicate/empty) values.
  • Do not restrict a variable by selecting a type that does not match properties/metadata found in files.

    For example selecting Date as type, when property values may contain incorrectly formatted dates.

  • Make sure there are no duplicate block/attribute mappings for the same file extension; only one value is returned.
  • Remove block/attribute mappings that are not used in variables.
  • Remove unused variables/data cards from the vault.
  • You do not need to use the same name for the property and variable when you create mappings.
  • When you create new block/attribute mappings to link to metadata in files, start with one pair, and create additional mappings when the initial mapping functions correctly.