Migrating a Shared Toolbox

You can migrate an existing shared Toolbox library into a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.

Use this procedure when your existing Toolbox library is entirely outside the vault. .

To migrate an existing shared Toolbox to a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault:

  1. If you have multiple Toolbox libraries, consolidate them to a single master library before migrating to a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.

    See SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Help: Creating a Shared Toolbox from Standalone.

  2. Copy the consolidated library into the vault and check them in.
  3. Rename or move the old shared Toolbox (outside the vault) so that it is not accessible to users.
    If you plan to delete the old shared Toolbox, back it up first.
  4. Upgrade SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM to the latest version as described in Upgrading to Manage Toolbox Entirely in the Vault.
  5. Configure Toolbox as described in Configuring Toolbox in SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS.
    Select Manage SOLIDWORKS Toolbox in the vault and Search subfolders for Toolbox parts on assembly check-in when you configure Toolbox.
  6. Complete the steps in Post-Migration Instructions for Toolbox Users.