Migrating from Partial to Complete Toolbox Integration

If you are using partial Toolbox integration, where the master library is outside the vault but part files also exist in the vault, consolidate the library in the vault before installing or upgrading SOLIDWORKS and configuring the SOLIDWORKS integration.

When the same files exist both outside and inside the vault, the procedure you use depends on where the newer files are located. Typically, files in the vault are newer. Files outside the vault might be newer if some users are working with the shared Toolbox library but are not using SOLIDWORKS PDM to manage their designs.

To migrate to complete Toolbox integration:

  1. If files outside the vault are newer than those in the vault (not typical), check out the entire Toolbox.
  2. Copy the Toolbox root folder that is outside the vault into the vault.

    If the same files exist both outside and inside the vault, you are prompted to overwrite the vault files. If your vault files are newer (typical), choose not to overwrite vault files. If files outside the vault are newer, choose to overwrite vault files.

  3. Check in the Toolbox vault folder.
    The vault now contains the latest versions of all Toolbox parts.
  4. Rename or move the old shared Toolbox (outside the vault) so that it is not accessible to users.
    If you plan to delete the old shared Toolbox, back it up first.
  5. Upgrade SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM to the latest version as described in Upgrading to Manage Toolbox Entirely in the Vault.
  6. Configure Toolbox as described in Configuring Toolbox in SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS.
    Select Manage SOLIDWORKS Toolbox in the vault and Search subfolders for Toolbox parts on assembly check-in when you configure Toolbox.
  7. Complete the steps in Post-Migration Instructions for Toolbox Users.