Creating Items

You can create an empty item that is not generated from a file, then add links to files and other items later.

You cannot create a new item by copying an existing item.

To create a new item:

  1. In the navigation pane, select the parent folder.
  2. Click New Item (toolbar), or right-click in empty space of the main pane and select New Item.
  3. Do one:
    • To accept the generated Item ID, press Enter.
    • To specify a different Item ID, type the ID and press Enter.

      For example, you can specify an ID from your ERP system. The item ID must be unique.

    You can change the ID later using Rename.
  4. Edit item properties, such as a description to be used as the item name, from the Data Card tab.
  5. Check in the item.

    Other users cannot see the item until you check it in.