Editing Item Properties

You can view and optionally edit item data card properties.

  • Items in different folders can have different data cards.
  • An administrator can modify item data cards as needed.

To edit item properties:

  1. Check out the item.

    If not checked out, you can view but not edit item properties.

  2. To display the item data card, do one:
    • Select the item and click the Data Card tab.
    • Right-click the item and select Properties. The Properties dialog box appears.
  3. Modify data card properties as needed.
    To get information about data card fields, such as what variable they are mapped to, click (upper-right corner of the Properties dialog box) or (right side of the Data Card tab), then click a data card field.
  4. To save your changes, do one:
    • From the Properties dialog box, click OK.
    • From the Data Card tab, click Save .
  5. Check in the item.