Searching for Items

You can use the Search tool to search for items and item folders in the vault.

  1. On the toolbar in Item Explorer, click Search .
  2. In the SOLIDWORKS PDM Search window, in the vault list in the left pane, expand the vault you want to search, then expand Searches.

    If prompted, provide your user name and password to log into the vault.

  3. Under Searches, select a search form.
    • Item Quick Search provides commonly used fields for filtering your search.
    • Item Complete Search has tabs with item attributes for filtering the search.
    • Item Property Search searches by the data card properties of the item.
    • Complete Search searches for files.
    • Show Users searches for logged-in users.
    The list might contain other search forms created by your administrator.
    If you do not see these forms, you might not have the required rights. Contact your administrator.
  4. Under Search in Vaults, select the vaults to search.
  5. In the search form, type or select information for filtering the search.

    You can enter partial names or strings in text fields and select values from lists.

  6. Click Start Search (toolbar).
    The search results appear below the form.
You can operate on your search results for:
  • Checking items in or out
  • Viewing data cards
  • BOM data
You can also drag search results to Item Explorer to create item and file links.

For more information on using the Search tool, see SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer Help.