Creating Items from Files

You can create items from one or more vault files. For CAD assemblies, you can create entire item structures for the subassemblies and parts.

The files must be in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault.

To create items from files:

  1. Do one:
    • In Item Explorer, select an item folder and click New Item From File (toolbar).
    • In SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, right-click one or more files and select Generate Item.
    By default, you can only generate items for CAD files. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional administrators can configure the file types available for item generation.
  2. If you are using the New Item From File command, select the files from which you are generating items:
    1. In the Select Files to Generate Items for dialog box, select one or more files from the vault.
      Choose All Files (*.*) from Files of type to select non-CAD files.
    2. Click Open.
  3. In the Generate Item dialog box:
    1. If you have files with references (such as assemblies with parts), select what Version of references to use: Referenced version or Latest version.
    2. If you have files with configurations, click Generate for configurations to show or hide configurations in the list.

      You can create items for configurations or for files independent of configurations.

    3. To create a new item for a file, select Create if it is not already selected.

      If the Create check box is not selected by default, an item already exists for that file. To link to an existing item, select Existing and enter an Item ID.

    4. Select Auto Update to create a link that automatically creates a new item version when the file changes.
    5. Under Item ID, optionally enter a different item ID to create or link to.
    6. Click OK.

    After item generation, each item contains a link to the file used to generate it. For assemblies, items are created for each subassembly or part. Drawings are linked to the associated part or assembly item with auto update disabled.

  4. Optional: Edit item properties from the Data Card tab.
    Most property values default to the corresponding file property values because item data cards typically map to file data card variables.
  5. Check in new items.

    Other users cannot see the items until you check them in.