Example Item

The wheelchair product shows several characteristics of items.

  1. Acme Corp. is the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault containing the wheelchair items and files. Create a local vault view to connect to a vault.
  2. Wheelchair is the item folder containing the wheelchair items.
  3. 00000055 is the top-level item for the wheelchair product. Selecting an item in the navigation pane displays the item structure in the main pane.
  4. Parts List.xls and Owners Manual.doc are files linked to the top-level item.
  5. 00000044 is the item for the wheelchair assembly. This item and all child items for the wheelchair parts were created in one operation. Then, 00000044 was added as a link to the top-level 00000055 item.
  6. Wheelchair Assembly.SLDDRW is the drawing for the wheelchair assembly. Drawings are linked to the item for the corresponding assembly or part with auto update disabled. See File Links for information about link types.
  7. Wheelchair Assembly.SLDASM is the assembly for the wheelchair design. Because the assembly file link has auto update enabled, a new version of the 00000055 item is created automatically when a new version of the assembly is created. Auto-update links are shown in bold.
  8. ECO-1001.doc is a file linked to the wheelchair assembly.
  9. 00000054 is the item for the Back.SLDPRT part file. This item, and all other wheelchair part items, were automatically generated when the 00000044 assembly item was created.