Assembly Visualization

In lightweight mode, SOLIDWORKS calculates more Assembly Visualization columns without setting the lightweight components to resolved.

If SOLIDWORKS cannot calculate a column value for a component and you select Manually manage resolved and lightweight modes and Prompt for Resolve lightweight components, SOLIDWORKS prompts you to resolve the component.

To modify these options, click Options > System Options > Performance.

In the Custom Column dialog box, the columns display in alphabetical order. The Assembly Visualization rollback bar increases in size when hovering over the bar. The font color is black for all column values. You can add more than seven columns.

To view the Assembly Visualization improvements:
  1. Open a model in lightweight mode.
  2. Click Tools > Evaluate > Assembly Visualization.

    All column values display in a black font color and the rollback bar is wider when you hover over the bar. For calculated properties like Mass, the calculated values display instead of 0.00.

  3. To open the Custom Column dialog box, in the Assembly Visualization panel, click the arrow to the right of the column headers and click More.
  4. In the dialog box, click Properties.

    The columns display in alphabetical order.