Previewing a Replacement Component

You can preview a replacement component in the Replace PropertyManager. You can specify the scope of the replacement.

In the PropertyManager, Instances to replace replaces All instances. To specify the scope of the replacement, select an option for Instances to replace:
Only selected Replaces only the selected instance.
All in same parent assembly Replaces all instances of the selected component that are in the same assembly level.

If a selected component is in the top-level assembly, only instances in the top level are replaced. If a selected component is in a subassembly, only instances in the subassembly are replaced.

All All instances of the component are replaced in the assembly and all subassemblies.
To preview a replacement component:
  1. Open a model and click File > Replace.
  2. In Replace these component(s) , select a component.
  3. For Instances to replace, select an option.
  4. In the PropertyManager, select a component for With this one .

    The selected component appears under Thumbnail Preview.