Width Mate Selections (2023 SP2)

In the Mates PropertyManager, the width mate options Width selections and Tab selections are renamed to Width selections 1 and Width selections 2.

You can select the smaller selection set in either Width selections 1 or Width selections 2, and all constraint types are available. Previously, the tab selections had to have the same or a smaller distance as the distance between the width selections. If the distances are equal, only the Centered constraint type is available.

For Width selections 1, you can select a cylindrical face or an axis. Previously, only tab selections allowed a cylindrical face or an axis selection.

To select a constraint type for width mates:
  1. Open a model with a width mate where the selection sets are different sizes.

    For example, this model has an existing width mate between two parts. The selection set for Width selections 1 has a distance that is smaller than the selection set in Width selections 2.

  2. Edit the width mate and select Dimension for the constraint type.