Propagating Assembly Features to Parts Blocked for Toolbox Parts

Assembly features cannot be propagated to Toolbox parts.

In an assembly feature PropertyManager, SOLIDWORKS displays a warning and removes any Toolbox parts from Components to Affect when you have Selected components and Propagate features to parts selected.

When you select All components and Propagate features to parts under Feature Scope and the model contains Toolbox parts, the warning does not appear. The assembly features are not propagated to the Toolbox parts.

When Propagate features to parts is selected, you cannot select a Toolbox part.

For assembly features like fillets and chamfers that do not have the All components and Selected components options, the warning does not appear and the assembly features are not propagated to Toolbox parts. You cannot select a Toolbox part for a Hole Series as this assembly feature is always propagated to parts.

To view the warning:
  1. Open a model that contains a Toolbox part.
  2. Select a sketch and click Insert > Assembly Feature > Cut > Extrude.
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Feature Scope, clear Auto-select.
  4. For Components to Affect , select a Toolbox part.
  5. Select Propagate features to parts.

    SOLIDWORKS removes the Toolbox part from Components to Affect and the warning appears in the graphics area.