Run Specified Studies

You can select which Simulation studies to run from the list of all Simulation studies defined in a part or assembly document. The selected Simulation studies are run automatically in a batch mode.

To open the Run Specified Studies dialog box:

  • Click Simulation > Run > Run Specified Studies, or
  • Click the down arrow on Run this study (Simulation CommandManager) and select Run Specified Studies .

Select the studies to run:

  Run Select the top check-box to run all listed studies or the individual check-boxes next to the studies to run.
  Study Name Shows the Simulation study name.
  Configuration Shows the Configuration name of the study on the same row.
  Mesh Status Shows the current status of the mesh data: OK or Out of Date.
  Results Status Shows the current status of the results data: OK, Failed, Running, or Out of Date.
If you select to run a study which is dependent on a parent study (such as a design, fatigue, sub-modeling, or pressure vessel study) the program will also run the parent study, if the mesh or the results of the parent study are out-of-date.
  Note Shows a message of the current status of each study and prompts an appropriate action.