Copy Study PropertyManager

Use the Copy Study PropertyManager to duplicate a study, or to convert a source study to a target study of a different type.

To open the Copy Study PropertyManager:

  • Right-click the top study icon, anc click Copy Study.
  Source Select the source study to copy to a new target study.
  Study name Type the name of the new target study.
  Configuration to use Select the configuration to associate the new study.
  Target Study Select one from the list of the available study types. The list of admissible study types is dependent on the source study.
You can only create a duplicate of these study types: thermal, buckling, drop test, fatigue, pressure vessel design, nonlinear dynamic, submodel, and design study.

The new target study is populated with all admissible loads and boundary conditions from the source study. The program issues warning messages when features of the source static study, such as connectors and loads, are not transferred to the target study due to limitations.

You may still need to define time or frequency dependent loads for the target study to run the simulation of a target study.