Adding Control Logic to a Control

Use the Control Logic dialog box to specify one or more conditions that cause SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to dynamically show, hide, or disable a data card control.

For example, you can apply control logic to a language-specific input field so that it is hidden or disabled unless a corresponding language-specific check box is checked.

You can apply control logic to only one control at a time.

To add control logic to a control:

  1. In the Card Editor, open the card and select the control to which you want to add control logic.
  2. Click Control > Control Logic.
  3. In the Control Logic dialog box, under Actions, click Click here to add an action.
  4. Select the behavior of the control when the logic is satisfied:
    • To make the control read-only, select Grey out.
    • To hide the control, select Hide.
  5. Click Click here to add condition.
  6. If you want the action to be triggered by any of several conditions, select .
    If all conditions must be met, you can select or simply add the conditions that must be met.
  7. Select a variable whose value will trigger the control logic action.
    The variable must exist on the same card as the control.
  8. Under Comparison, select how the value is interpreted.
    For example, Date Equal To or Date Less Than.
  9. Under Value, type the variable value that will trigger the control logic.
  10. To add another condition, repeat steps 5 through 9.
  11. To delete an action or condition, select it and select Delete from the list.
  12. Click OK.
When using the card, if the user provides a value for the variable that matches the control logic criteria, the control action (to hide or disable the control) is performed.