Importing a Data Card

You can import an exported data card. You can also import one of the default cards installed with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to restore default values.

To import a data card:

  1. Click File > Import.
  2. In the Open dialog box, use the Look in list to navigate to the location of the card to import.

    Cards imported as part of the installation are listed in the Default Cards directory, usually located at c:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS PDM\Default Card.

  3. Click Open.
    If the variable mappings in the imported card already exist in the vault, the imported card mappings are merged with the existing mappings.
  4. Select the each card control and click Variables in the properties pane to check for duplicate Block / Attribute mappings.

    Also, for CustomProperties blocks in SOLIDWORKS data cards, make sure that the same variable does not map to multiple custom properties.

  5. To save the imported data card, click Save (Card Editor toolbar) or File > Save .
  6. In the Save Card dialog box, navigate to the location for the card, type the card name, and click Save.