Adding Card Controls to a Data Card

Controls that can be added to a data card are listed in the card controls toolbar.

To add card controls to a data card:

  1. If the card controls toolbar is not visible, click View > Show Toolbars > Controls.
  2. Select a control in the toolbar.
    Option Description
    To add an image, see Image Properties.
    To add static or dynamic text, see Text Properties.
    To add a frame to partition your data card, see Frame Properties.
    To add an edit box for prompting users, see Edit-box Properties.

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    To add a command button that launches an application, add-in, or Web page, see Button Properties.
    To create a radio button that lets users select a predefined value, see Radio-button Properties.
    To create comboboxes so that users can select from predefined values or enter their own values, see Combobox Properties.
    To create a droplist of predefined values for users to select, see Droplist Properties.
    To create a combolist, an edit box control that lets users select from a permanently visible list of predefined values, see Combolist Properties.
    To create a listbox that lets users select from a predefined list of values, see Listbox Properties.
    To create tabs with their own controls, see Tab Properties.
    To create a checkbox, see Checkbox Properties.
    To create a calendar control that lets a user select a date, see Date Field Properties.
    To let users create searches based on content in data cards, see Card Search Control.
    To let users create searches based on values stored in a variable, see Variable Search Control.
  3. Move the cursor to the card layout and click to place the control.
    Click-drag to size the control.
  4. Use the control properties pane on the right to define settings for the control, such as the control name, the variable to store data in, and default control settings.

    The properties pane options are specific to the control and the type of card you are creating or modifying.

  5. Add control logic to a control if necessary.