Input Formulas (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

You can add an input formula to an edit box control so that the values users select for other controls on the data card are displayed in the edit box.

For example the input formula can display a string that is based on the values selected in two lists on the data card.

To use an input formula, you create one or more controls where users can select or input the values to display. When you create the edit box control, you create the input formula by adding the variables of the controls.

Aliases in Input Formulas

When you use aliases in an input control, you create a single list control that contains a set of text strings defined in the Free text property. Then you create an edit box control and add an input formula that maps to the list control's variable and the text strings.


The input formula only displays the evaluated string when a user manually enters a value (such as selecting a value from a list) in the data card. The input formula is not evaluated by updating linked properties in a file or using default values (for example, a value from a folder data card).