Working with Controlled Tabs

You can manage the behavior of data card tabs by using the Controlled by Variable option.

Instead of always showing the tabbed pages in a tab control on a data card, the visibility of a tabbed page can be controlled by another variable, user, or group. This way, one data card can have multiple layouts depending on what is selected in the card.

You can use this option to:
  • Link tabs to the variables used in another control.

    For example, a data card for a .doc or .docx file can have tabs for multiple document types. When a user selects a document type, the appropriate tab displays.

  • Link tabs to a system variable such as <Name of group>.

    For example, when a tab is linked to a group, what users can do is determined by their group membership.

Each tab name is associated with a value in the controlling variable.

Each tab contains the controls and text to display when the controlling variable matches the tab name.