Saving Data Cards

The Save Card dialog box lets you save file, item, folder, template, and search cards.

  • The process for saving file, item, and folder cards is similar. The inheritance of data card layouts differs slightly.
  • Saved template cards are available on the Template Cards page of the template wizard when you create a template. See Creating Templates.
  • You must assign each search card to users or groups before they can use it.

To save a folder, file, or item card:

  1. Click Save or File > Save .
  2. In the Save Card dialog box:
    1. Navigate to the location to save the card.
      All item folders are under the Items root folder.
    2. Type a Card Name.
    3. Select the card type.
    4. For file cards, verify or type the extensions to associate with the card.
      Separate extensions with semicolons. Do not use periods.
    5. Click Save.
The data card is saved. In the card list, file cards are displayed with the list of file extensions specified in the Extensions list.