Creating a Search Card with Preselected Values

You can create a search card that displays preselected values and options when it is opened from the SOLIDWORKS PDM Search dialog box.

To create a search card with preselected values and options:

  1. Create a data card.
  2. In the Card Properties pane, for Card Type, select Search Card.
  3. Add controls to the card.
  4. Click Default Values.
  5. In the Default Values dialog box:
    1. Click under Variable to select a variable.
      Although the variables you select can correspond to controls on the card, they do not have to.
    2. Under Value, type the value that displays when the card is opened.
    For example, for an edit box control that uses the variable Author, you can specify the name of an author.
    Check box controls are selected by default when a search card is open. To clear a check box when the card opens, specify 0.
  6. Save the card.
When the search card is used, the default values appear in the card controls.