Route Active Location Only (2023 SP3)

You can define the depth of the routing process by limiting it to the active location instead of repeatedly rebuilding all the sublevels (sublocations) routes.

To limit the routing to the top-level assembly for wires, cables, or harness, do the following:
  • In the Route Wires PropertyManager, under Components to route > All components, select Route active location only.
  • In the Route Cables PropertyManager, under Cables to route > All cables, select Route active location only.
  • In the Route Harnesses PropertyManager, under Harness selection > All harnesses, select Route active location only.

This capability reduces the overall design time spent while working on large electrical projects with nested locations. You can limit the routing process to the active or top location only instead of routing or updating the sublocations each time you execute the route command on the top-level assembly.