File State Changes

Files in the vault are associated with predetermined workflow states that represent where the file is in the design and approval process. A file's current state is shown in the file list and in many SOLIDWORKS PDM dialog boxes.

Workflows include transitions, which are the mechanisms that move a file from one state to another. Users are given permission to initiate state changes by way of these transitions.

The default SOLIDWORKS PDM workflow consists of the following states, represented by rectangles, and transitions, represented by labeled lines:


It is likely that your company has a much more complex workflow. The SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard allows only one workflow upto 10 states.

There are three types of transition:

  • Normal - A file changes state when one user runs the transition.
  • Parallel - A specific number of users must approve the transition before the file changes state.
  • Automatic - The workflow design automatically moves files to another state without requiring user action.
    SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vaults do not support Parallel or Automatic transitions.