Checking In Files

You check in files after editing to make them available to users with appropriate rights. Until you check in a file, changes are saved in your local version only.

The new version of each checked in file is associated with the current versions of its references. When this file version is accessed, all reference versions are retrieved as if they were attached.
  1. Right-click a file or folder and click Check In.
  2. In the Check in dialog box, select one or more files to check in, and set column values as needed.
  3. Enter a comment to identify the version.

    Your user privileges determine whether you must enter a comment or not.

    The comments you enter appear in the History dialog box and in the version list that is generated when you select Get Version. Entering comments is a good practice even if they are not required. They help you and other users decide which file version to use.
  4. Click Check in.