Viewing Versions

You can open any version or revision of a file to recover it exactly as it was at that earlier stage. You can read the file version notes, roll back to this earlier version, and make it the latest version, deleting all subsequent changes.

You can document a file's history by providing check in comments. These comments appear in the History dialog box and in the file list when you use the Get Version command.

If comments have not been added for a file, you can add them using the History dialog box.

To view versions and revisions of files:

  1. Select the file.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Display > History . Select the version or revision and click Get.
    • Click Actions > Get Latest Version .
      You can choose to work only with the latest versions of files by setting the Always work with latest version option.
    • Click Actions > Get Version to view any previous version or revision.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM copies the master file from the vault to your local working folder (cache), overwriting the version in your cache. The Versions tab shows the version status on your local cache.