Modifying Revisions

A file that reaches a certain state (for example, an assembly is approved for manufacturing) can be assigned a new revision number. The revision can be set either manually or automatically as part of the workflow.

To set revisions manually:

  • You must have appropriate permissions.
  • The file cannot be checked out.
  • A revision scheme must be defined for the current state of the file.
  • The Revision variable must be assigned for the current state for the Update Variable option

To set a revision number:

  1. Select the file and click Modify > Set Revision.
  2. In the Set Revision dialog box, verify that the revision number can be set.
    A message in the Warnings column explains the problem (lack of access rights, for example). The administrator must give you rights to set revisions for the file at its current state in the workflow.
  3. Select one or more files to transition, and set column values as needed.
  4. Select the next revision.
  5. Select Update Variable for a file to write the New Revision value to the revision variable in the workflow.
  6. Click OK to set the revision.
  7. To verify the new revision number, select the file and click Display > History.