Using Labels to Identify Versions (For SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional only)

Use labels to identify and retrieve version of a file, folder, sub-folder, or certain versions of a set of files.

For example, instead of having to remember that version 5 is the file version to send for review, you can label version 5 as Version_for_Review.

  • All labels
    • Labels are retained when you move files or folders.
    • Labels are not copied when you copy files or folders.
    • You can have two labels with the same name and apply them to different files within the same folder.
  • File labels
    • A file label is attached to a file version. You can assign multiple labels to the same file.
    • To rename or delete a label, use the History dialog box.
    • If you share files in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, labels are not affected.
  • Folder labels
    • A folder label is attached to a folder and all files in the folder. If you select Recursive, the label is attached to all sub-folders and their files. The label remains intact if you add, delete, or rename files inside the folder.
    • Deleting a folder with a folder label does not affect other folders with the same folder label. If you delete the last folder with a specific folder label, the folder label is removed.