Checking Out Files

Checking out a file gives you exclusive right to edit it until you check it back in. Other users can open the file for viewing and copying but cannot change it.

Check outs of single files occur immediately. For check outs of multiple files, a Check Out dialog box appears.
You can configure SOLIDWORKS PDM to automatically check out files in the vault when you use the Open or Edit command to access them.
  1. Right-click a file and click Check out.
    In the Check Out dialog box, the Warnings column displays a warning, if any. Otherwise this column is blank.
    File is checked out to you You already have the file checked out.
    File is checked out

    No Checkout Rights

    You cannot check out the file.
    The file is not rebuilt The file needs to be rebuilt in SOLIDWORKS.

    Click the warning to display a list of references that require a rebuild.

    This symbol is displayed when your administrator has configured blocking for warnings. You cannot check out the file.
    To quickly locate files with warnings or errors, click Ctrl + the up-arrow or down-arrow on the numeric keypad.
  2. In the Check Out dialog box, select one of more files to check out, and set column values as needed.
  3. Double-click the file to open the associated application.
  4. Edit the file, save it, and check it in.
    To cancel a check out without saving changes, right-click the file and click Undo Check Out.