Controlling the Download Permissions for Users and Groups

In the Web2 client, Administrators can control download permissions for users and groups by adding and configuring the following settings into the <configuration> node of the Web.config file:

<vault name="EPDM" defaultDelimiter="|" denyDownloadGroups="Group1">
<user name="admin" denyDownload="false"/></vault>
<user name="User1" denyDownload="true"/></vault>
Vault setting Description
Name of the vault. Create a separate <vaultSettings> section for each vault that needs download permissions controlled.
Delimiter used to separate group names in the denyDownloadGroups setting. The default delimiter is |.
Groups that have download permissions denied in the specified vault. You must separate group names by the delimiter specified in the defaultDelimiter setting.
User setting Description
User login name. Create a separate <user> node for each user.
Denies download permissions for users from the specified vault. If set to false, the user can download files. If set to true, the user cannot download files.

A user cannot download files if the user is denied as part of group or as a user.