Latest Version Overwrite

SOLIDWORKS PDM lets users overwrite the latest file version during check in and change state operations. This reduces the number of archives significantly.

Previously, SOLIDWORKS PDM created a new file version for any change to a file or its metadata.

Typical use cases include:

  • Day end check in.
  • Fixing a typo.
  • Updating child references of the referencing file to the latest version.
  • Upgrading the latest file version to match the current SOLIDWORKS version.
  • Updating metadata through the set variable transition action.
  • Any minor changes retaining the revision tag on the latest version.

Administrators can allow users to overwrite the file version by granting the overwrite folder permission and state permission.

The version overwrite functionality is supported for documents or files. It also supports transitions that are triggered via Web2 client. It is not supported for:
  • Items.
  • Named BOMs.
  • File versions that have associated items set to Auto Update.
  • Files checked in via Web2 client.