Quality Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS PDM

You can move a file using the Move/Rename file command in the Dispatch action. Previously, you could only copy, delete, and rename the file.

The Convert task supports using the file data card variables in the output file name.

Input formulas for search card Edit boxes update when you enter new values in the connected fields in searches in Windows Explorer.

For example: In a Search Card, you add an edit box, connect it to the Project variable, and add an Input formula as PRJ<Number>. In searches in Windows Explorer, when you enter a value for the Number variable in the Search Card, the input formula triggers, and displays PRJ followed by the value of the Number variable.

The Reset All button on the Copy Tree and Move Tree dialog boxes resets all settings to the defaults. Previously, Reset All used to reset only the Destination Folder Path and Target File Name to the defaults.

You can turn off the user information pop-up in Windows Explorer when hovering over the user name in the Checked Out By column. To turn off the display, in the Administration tool, on the Explorer page of the User’s Settings, clear Show user information pop-up.