Rolling Back a File with References

SOLIDWORKS PDM enhances Rollback to handle reference redirection and rollback more efficiently.

To roll back a file with its references:
  • Users must have the Rollback folder permission.
  • The selected file and all its parent references must be in checked in state.
  • The rollback target version must not be cold stored.

You can roll back a parent file with its child references and files indicated as sub-parents (such as drawing files) to a previous as built state.

When you roll back a child reference (such as a part file), you can redirect the parent references of the rolled back versions to the target version.

Previously, you could not roll back a file with all of its references and the parent references were removed.

After rollback, SOLIDWORKS PDM resets the referenced configurations of the files. If the same configuration is:

  • Available in the target version, the references are retained for that configuration.
  • Not available in the target version, the references are redirected to the active (last saved) configuration of the target version.
Reference redirection and roll back a file with references functionality is not supported for items.