SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional customers who use SOLIDWORKS MBD functionality, can automatically generate SOLIDWORKS MBD 3D PDF output using Convert Task.

This helps you define, organize, and publish 3D product and manufacturing information (PMI), including 3D model data, in industry standard file formats. This functionality enhances the integration between SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS MBD.


  1. In the Administration tool, on the left pane of the Convert - Properties dialog box, click Conversion Settings.
  2. Set Output file format to 3D PDF - MBD (*.pdf).

Assembly or Part

The Assembly and Part tabs let you define the themes and views to publish in the output.

Theme for SW Assembly or Theme for SW Part
3D PDF Theme Path

Path of the theme file. If the theme file is in the vault, it must be cached before the task execution. If the theme file is outside the vault, it must be accessible to the task host.

Allow the user to change the theme path

Lets users change the path of the theme file during the task execution.

Select Views to include
3D Views

(Default.) Includes all captured 3D views except the current model view in the output file.

Primary Views

Lets you select the primary views like front, top, and back to include in the output file.

Allow the user to change this setting

Lets users change the setting for the views during the task execution.