Download Results

Indicates whether the download completed successfully, failed during operation, or was cancelled.

Download Problem/Download Cancelled

If you see Download Problem, SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager encountered problems that prevented the download from completing.

If you see Download Cancelled, you cancelled the download before it could complete.

To proceed:

Retry/Resume automatic downloads

To resume the automatic download from when you cancelled, select this option and click Retry Download or Resume Download.

Download files individually in a Web browser

In some cases, a proxy server might prohibit automatic downloads from SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

By selecting this option, you can download the files manually through a Web page and then proceed within SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to complete the installation operations. This Web page is customized by SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to download only the files required to complete the installation.

Download Complete

The Download Complete screen appears when the download completes if you specified the Download Only option.

Click Finish to exit SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

Do not attempt to install any of these products manually. Always use SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager to install downloaded files.