SOLIDWORKS Background Downloader

SOLIDWORKS Background Downloader performs automated file downloads (for example, when a new Service Pack release is found) using background processes, enabling you to continue other work while downloading. When the download completes, you can decide whether you want to install now, postpone the download, or remove the download.

Background Downloader is enabled by default when you install SOLIDWORKS.

When Installation Manager is running, whether for an installation or download operation, Background Downloader is paused. For example, it will pause any running downloads, not allow any new downloads to start, and will not allow you to change the download folder specification.

You can disable the Background Downloader during installation. On the Summary page, under Download Options, clear Use the Background Downloader for future service packs option.

When enabled, this icon appears in the Windows system tray in the toolbar:

Clicking this icon enables these operations:
  • Help with Background Downloader
  • Pause Download
  • Resume Download
  • Cancel Download
  • Installation Options
  • Change Download Settings
  • Check for Updates
  • Automatically Check for Updates
  • Automatically Download Updates
  • Disable Background Downloader

Help with Background Downloader

Open this help topic for Background Downloader in the SOLIDWORKS Installation Guide.

Pause/Resume Download

If a download is running in the background, click Pause Download to pause that download, with the ability to resume later by clicking Resume Download.

Cancel Download

If a download is running, stop that download and delete any files Background Downloader has already downloaded.
You cannot resume a canceled download.

Installation Options

When a download completes, you can choose from the following options:
  • Install now: Install the downloaded files.
  • Remind me later: Do not install the downloaded files, but set up a message to remind you later.
  • Delete this download: Do not install the downloaded files, and delete them. (This is useful if you have decided you no longer want to install the downloaded files.)

Change Download Settings

Change the folder location where the Background Downloader downloads files.

This option is not available if a download is either running or paused.

Check for Updates

Run the Check for Updates feature of SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

Automatically Check for Updates

Periodically run Check for Updates, notifying you when updates are available for download.

Automatically Download Updates

Periodically run Check for Updates, downloading updates as they become available.

Disabling and Re-Enabling SOLIDWORKS Background Downloader

You can disable Background Downloader by clicking the icon and then selecting Disable Background Downloading.

To re-enable Background Downloader, click Start > SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager > SOLIDWORKS Background Downloader.