Specifying Options for the Installation Manager

These options include settings for logging, internet access, and language used in the Installation Manager.

To specify Installation Manager options before installing the software:

  1. In the Installation Manager, right-click the SOLIDWORKS icon on the title bar and select:
    Option Description
    Installation Logging Levels Specifies the logging level as High, Medium, or Low. Higher levels collect more data for troubleshooting, but can slow down the installation. Low (Fastest) is the default, and provides the best performance and stability.

    Create Windows Installer Logs stores logs in the same folder as other installation logs.

    Administrative Image Options Select Use short file names (8.3 format) or Use full folder and file names.
    Gather Installation Logs Specifies where the installation logs are stored. The Installation Manager stores these files in IM_Logs.zip.
    Disable Internet Access  
    Language Specifies the language used in the Installation Manager. The default is English.
  2. Click Close.