Product Selection

You can specify the product components to install, modify, download, or remove.

In the product listing:
  • The product listing is the complete listing of products that are available in the package specified above the product listing.
  • To view the projected action for a particular component, click the component name (but not the check box). The intended installation action appears in the information field below the product listing.
  • You can click the check box next to the product component to change the installation action for that component. (For example, if you are installing or removing components, selecting the check box specifies that the component is to be installed or removed and clearing the check box specifies that the component is not to be installed or removed.)
  • If you are performing a Modify installation, an asterisk (*) appears to the left of components when you make any change in the product selection.
  • If a component has optional installation subcomponents in it, a + icon appears next to the component. To see the available subcomponents for a component, click the + icon.
  • If a component has been expanded to show optional subcomponents, a - icon appears next to the component. To collapse the subcomponent listing, click the - icon.

If you are applying a Service Pack, you cannot select features of SOLIDWORKS appearing under SOLIDWORKS (for example, FeatureWorks). This is because you cannot add or remove a feature when performing this type of upgrade.

The actions performed by SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager are controlled by a set of product coexistence rules. For details, see Product Coexistence Rules.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager selects these product components by default:
  • If you are performing an upgrade or a Service Pack update, SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager selects the products currently installed.
  • Otherwise, SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager selects all products to which you are entitled.
To reduce your installation or download time and disk space requirements, expand the product components and clear the check box for those components you do not need.

If SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager was unable to verify the products to which you are entitled, you can click Select different packages or products to change the product package (such as SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium) listing to install or modify. SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager lists all SOLIDWORKS products on your installation media that are compatible with the package you select. You can select any products you purchased or are entitled to evaluate.


SOLIDWORKS Search provides a powerful full text search of SOLIDWORKS documents and 3D ContentCentral. Search displays a preview and the file location and name.

After the installation, SOLIDWORKS Search indexes SOLIDWORKS documents for faster searches. Only SOLIDWORKS files are indexed by default.

Installing SOLIDWORKS Search automatically installs Windows Desktop Search if it is not already installed on your computer.

Language Support

Expand the SOLIDWORKS product and the Languages component to see the languages you can install.

The Languages specification limits the languages that are installed for the SOLIDWORKS product only. Other product installations are not affected by this specification. For example, eDrawings®, and SOLIDWORKS PDM install all languages.

Space Needed

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager reports either total installation size or total download size at the bottom of the page.

  • If you selected the Download Only option, download size appears. Download size is the total amount of disk space required for all of the downloaded files (not including extra space required to unzip the files after the download completes). This figure is an estimate.
    All files needed for installation are included in the total download size. If some files already were downloaded into the current download folder, they are not downloaded again. As a result, your actual download size might be smaller than the total download size shown, or you might not need to download any files.
  • Otherwise, installation size appears. Installation size is the change in disk space usage that will occur when you complete this installation. Due to file compression, these figures are estimates.

    If you are upgrading or removing an existing installation, the installation size could be zero.

    The figure shown does not include any space needed to download or extract files if required for the installation.

    If downloads are required and you are downloading to the same drive, the actual disk space requirements could be significantly greater than the installation size that appears.

    To reduce download or installation time for future modifications, do not delete the downloaded files after installation. Subsequent updates and patches typically require access to the last full installation file set.