Download Options for SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Files

You have chosen to download a later version of SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. Use this screen to specify where and how it is downloaded.

For answers to questions about the download folder, see SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Download Folder.

This screen appears only if there is a problem with the default download folder (for example, if write access or network access is not available). Typically, you can just specify an alternate download directory to proceed.

Download Directory

Browse to the destination for SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager files.

The size of the download and the amount of space needed is shown. The amount of space needed includes extra space required to unzip certain downloads and is larger than the actual download size.

Use Download Acceleration

If you choose this option, the downloader uses an algorithm to increase the speed of the download.

Download acceleration increases bandwidth and can disturb network performance. Check with your network administrator before enabling download acceleration.

If download acceleration is not supported by the proxy server, this option is automatically disabled.